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Lacerta Associates and Partners

Learn more about the Lacerta team below:

Anthony Kasozi and Quilibra Image

Anthony Kasozi and Quilibra

Anthony provides organisational change consultancy, top team and strategy consulting, strengthening the way organisations address the most demanding, inspiring or difficult challenges they face. He is Consulting Director and CEO of Quilibra, one of Lacerta’s partner organisations.

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Chris Nichols and GameShift Image

Chris Nichols and GameShift

With over 20 years as a boardroom facilitator and coach, Chris has, with his team at GameShift, created a pioneering way of large group strategy engagement - a participative way to include whole organisations in strategic creativity. GameShift is a long term Lacerta partner and collaborator.

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Philippa Hardman and GameShift Image

Philippa Hardman and GameShift

Philippa works to help leaders have better quality conversations about strategy, change and organisation design. Her facilitation skills, psychological savvy and courage, make her a provocative, supportive developmental leader. Philippa co-founded GameShift, a long standing collaborator with Lacerta.

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Defina Zagarzazú and Innodriven Image

Defina Zagarzazú and Innodriven

Delfina leads inclusive projects which build in a competitive advantage through their resource effectiveness and human-centred design, and "bottom of pyramid" inclusion and empowerment. Delfina is currently working with Lacerta on the ground-breaking BIMA RUN empowering women programme.

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Alex Steele and Improwise Image

Alex Steele and Improwise

Alex has worked as a jazz musician, consultant and coach for the last 25 years, leading programmes in Europe, Asia and Africa. He is working with us on the ground-breaking BIMA RUN programme, and often works with Caryn to bring improvisation and innovation work to life through jazz.

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David Buggie Image

David Buggie

David is a deeply experienced and qualified Executive and Team Coach, with global corporate experience. Specialising in adaptive leadership, he brings both rigour and humour to his work, which includes large scale change projects, often involving thousands of people..

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Steve Chapman Image

Steve Chapman

Steve has been a long-time "impro" buddy and collaborator, co-leading the "Impro for Consultants" Workshop, and turning up in unexpected places to work with us on innovation, agility and creativity. He is a wonderful group facilitator, with real credibility and authority.

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Niel Stander Image

Niel Stander

Niel's background makes him a versatile and experienced org learning, development and change specialist with extensive experience in exec ed, project and senior line management. Niel is currently working with Lacerta on a number of projects including leading the BIMA RUN programme.

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Mario Castagnetta and the Rise Up network Image

Mario Castagnetta and the Rise Up network

Mario is deeply knowledgeable in the field of leadership, and delivers his developmental and provocative style with a wonderful sense of humour. He works brilliantly in complex teams, adapting and "flowing" with whatever is needed. He is a Director of Synchronicity SA, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Richard Izard and Global Leadership Associates Image

Richard Izard and Global Leadership Associates

Richard and the team at GLA bring real depth in the application of Action Logics (Torbert et al). They strengthen our ability to work with the Global Leadership Profile and across the field of Action Inquiry supporting leadership and culture change around the world.

Learn more about Richard Izard and Global Leadership Associates
Robert Dickson Image

Robert Dickson

Robert's work includes small and large group development and facilitation of change, as well as senior executive coaching, Board facilitation, and the design and implementation of large organisational and strategic change initiatives. He has worked alongside members of the Lacerta team for 20 years.

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Lee Norburn Image

Lee Norburn

Lee is a skilled group facilitator and executive coach. He is the co-founder of the RSA's Reinventing Work South West Network. He is a creative and empowering workshop and process leader, with a wonderful sense of fun, while maintaining serious purpose and intention.

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Susanne Pecher Image

Susanne Pecher

Susanne designs and delivers complex projects in developing countries, with sustainable impact orientation and empowering participation with multi-stakeholder dialogues. She is currently working with Lacerta on the ground-breaking BIMA RUN empowering women programme.

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Jose Conejos and Be-Up Image

Jose Conejos and Be-Up

Jose impacts through organisational design, transformation and cultural change. He combines neuro-science and mindfulness into a unique, high demand practice.  Jose is MD of Be-Up Innovación y Personas, working with the top 35 IBEX companies in Spain, and is one of our partners and collaborators.

Learn more about Jose Conejos and Be-Up
David Briggs Image

David Briggs

David is the inventor of The Collaboration Game®, a simulation designed to reflect the competing priorities of a typical business and help develop the mindset and skills necessary to collaborate effectively. He is a strategic coach and top team facilitator, with a high challenge, high support approach.

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Alexandra Stubbings and Talik & Co Image

Alexandra Stubbings and Talik & Co

Alexandra coaches boards to deeply examine their contexts, develop clear purpose-led strategies and implement them through integrated transformational change programmes. The team at Talik & Co, collaborate with Lacerta Consulting to bring purpose, mission and sustainability projects to life.

Learn more about Alexandra Stubbings and Talik & Co