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Steve Marshall

Steve is a seasoned coach and consultant, and practice supervisor, whose own practice is informed by inquiry, dialogue, and complexity-based approaches to creative change and innovation. 

His previous experience combines a multi-faceted military career as a highly experienced operational fast-jet pilot, trainer and leader with high-level strategic and governmental organisational interventions.  His work with safety culture brought together international agencies and contributed to a significant structural shift in RAF aviation training as he led the RAF ‘Human Factors’ specialisation and initiated critical aviation safety interventions across the MoD.  

Steve provides a pragmatic and critical practitioner focus to his work founded on his experience in dynamic, conflicted, high-stakes environments.  He emphasises the importance of awareness and purpose to personal and organisational change. 

He holds a number of academic Faculty positions, and teaches and supervises at Master’s and Doctorate levels. 

He is an experienced coach and action learning group facilitator. 

He began his professional life as a young photographer in the hustle and bustle of London’s fashion and advertising business before following a dream to fly jets in the RAF.  His fascination for photography switched to working with the ‘picture’ - and this has returned to be a central part of his life as a coach.  He splits his time between his professional consulting work and academia, and his photo-dialogue work, which he hopes inspire others to find creativity, clarity and purpose in life as they ‘see differently.’

Steve Marshall

Steve has more than 20 years’ experience in organisational consulting, facilitation, supervision and coaching in the public, private and third sectors, including group supervision and coaching using both f2f and virtual mechanisms.