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David Buggie

David Buggie is a Director of Lacerta Consulting and is a professional coach and OD specialist working with leaders, teams and organisations.  Prior to consulting, he worked in a multi-national company for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience in developing and leading teams.  Over the last five years David has worked alongside senior leaders, transforming their leadership practice and organisational performance in response to new challenges and opportunities.
David began his career as a graduate Engineer in Siemens and through his career earned an MBA as well as postgraduate diplomas in Executive Coaching and Team Coaching.  He is accredited by EMCC as a senior practitioner coach.  He combines real world operational leadership know-how with a coaching led approach to change and development.  
David most often works in engineering and technical environments helping leaders and their teams respond to the mega-trends of digital transformation, sustainability, energy transition and employee engagement.  His technical background as an Engineer and experience as senior manager enable him to connect, understand and provide healthy challenge to his clients and partners.  Over his career, he has lived in Asia, the Middle East, North and South America, the UK and Germany.  This experience has given David a deep appreciation for different perspectives and ways of understanding which he applies in his work.  
As a result of his corporate career David values the role large organisations play in society.  In his early career, David experienced the local impact of electrification in rural Pakistan and later in life, when flying over rows of wind turbines in the North Sea, the effect of generating renewable energy for Europe.  Large traditional companies with deep commerical and technical resources have an important role to play in our collective future and David is passionate about enabling them to do it.  
David’s career has been defined by learning and new experiences and he brings that curiosity and willingness to be experimental and adaptive to his work.  He uses his curiosity to pay close attention to the patterns of ideas and language that his clients are using and works with them to discover hidden comittments, limiting assumptions and blindspots.  He is an advocate for action learning and rapid prototyping, helping teams to become more agile and experimental while at the same offering support and space for reflection and sense making to embed learning and change.  
David’s transition from Senior Management to OD/Coaching began in 2012 when he led an Appreciative Inquiry program for Siemens renewables business with support from Caryn Vanstone’s consulting team.  At the time, the renewables business was struggling in terms of safety performance, customer satisfaction and workforce engagement.  In the face of such challenging conditions initiating a strengths-based change program felt highly counterintuitive to David and rest of the senior leadership team, however David was convinced that the solution would need a shift in leadership and mindset.  The result was a business transformation and all the key metrics for performance improved significantly.  It was the organisational transformation needed to enable the wider transition from fossil to renewable based power.  David has developed many approaches to change over the last decade but a strengths based approach remains the corner stone of his practice.   
In 2021 David was invited to contribute to “The Team Coaching Casebook” along with authors such as Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck which was subsequently published by McGraw Hill in 2022 and praised by leaders in the field of OD and Coaching such as Catharine Carr, Jonathan Passmore, William Torbert, Amy Edmondson and John Leary-Joyce.  David is particularly interested in how teaming occurs in organisations and the power of highly effective teams in terms of organisational performance and employee wellbeing.  
David lives in Dublin with his wife and two children and following two years of lockdown is enjoying starting to travel again and meet clients where they are intellectually, emotionally and also physically. He believes that every person, team and organisation contains the potential to make an even greater positive impact in the world. He is motivated by the opportunity to releasing that potential working with partners and clients.