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How We Work

We work with clients who want to challenge how change happens in their organisations.  We believe change can’t be imposed, it can only be co-created through participation.  We therefore expect our clients to commit to genuine involvement and co-ownership of change with the broadest possible community that makes up their organisation.

This doesn’t let the formal leaders “off the hook”.  We find that while it is very hard for leaders to “make change happen” – they sure can stop it (and often do, without realising they are!).  Having a robust and authentic relationship with senior leaders as we are doing this work is essential if they are to realise their ambitions for change.

We believe that organisational change requires meaningful and real conversations that rise above the institutional games we all recognise. And this means clients must be willing to confront difficult issues rather than avoid them – at all levels.

We only take on work we believe will be effective for the investment made, and we will actively challenge requests that we believe are collusive, dysfunctional or unhelpful to the overall aim of the business, or is socially or environmentally irresponsible. For us, doing the actual work is more important than simply upholding our contract with you, and taking care of, and enabling the people we work with is most important of all.

We understand the things that change a culture are rarely comfortable within the existing modes of working, and it is the change “agents”, internal consultants, L&OD specialists and HR managers involved in the work that often take the heat. Our consultants have been in this position themselves and are able to support this process with expertise, friendship, a sense of fun, integrity, compassion and empathy.

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