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Leadership Competence & Confidence

Organisations need leaders who are capable of realising the potential of their entire workforce, rather than being merely charismatic or persuasive.  

Even what constitutes “workforce” is changing – with increasing reliance on “gig” players and internal-external boundary breakdown.  Self-organisation and increased democracy is just the start of a workplace revolution which will, in the next 20 or so years, challenge what we think leadership and management is.

Today, leaders face unprecedented levels of uncertainty, complexity and moral and emotional ambiguity, and need to avoid succumbing to anxieties and defensive patterns that limit their creativity and discipline.  As we face a new era of job changes, job losses and new forms of work previously unimagined (increased digitalisation, robotisation and artificial intelligence), leaders will have to be able to work with empathy and emotional intelligence as they handle the extremes of anxiety and loss, excitement and possibility.

Our offer into this world is to combine our deep knowledge of psychology and neuro-science, with practices based on hosting developmental "action inquiry" style programmes.  We bring in a range of ideas, practices and skills which are ideally suited to leading in VUCA conditions (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous).

  • We develop leadership skills and confidence such as coaching and empowering others, risk and decision making, change and innovation
  • We coach and develop leaders at all levels, through 1:1 or peer-to-peer processes, such as action learning
  • We deliver engaging keynotes, speeches, seminars and workshops on 21st Century change and leadership skills
  • We help individuals to understand and develop their personal influence, authority, presence and confidence, through experiential work, and exploring the practices arising from mindfulness and embodied improvisational work
  • We create immersive experiences which can be combined in a programmatic, or emergent way to work alongside culture and performance change, drawing on "Growth Mindset" (Dweck) and other developmental theories such as Torbert's Action Logics
  • We help leaders in really practical ways to find and then "ground" their ideals of organisational and personal purpose, into pragmatic actions and practices that will make a difference to themselves, their organisation, and other stakeholders.