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Julie Britten

Julie Britten has worked with Lacerta Consulting for several years.  She has most recently worked with Siemens on their virtual leadership programme as Programme Manager and administered the intake of three cohorts.  Previously, Julie helped to set up and run the BIMA Women's Empowerment Project, and was instrumental in helping us set up the Lacerta Academy (e-learning) portal and platform.

Julie has enabled participants to join efficiently and guided them through the various stages of the programme, encouraging and responsive.  She has produced reporting on participation progress and provided technical assistance where necessary.

Julie has always been known and highly regarded for the quality of relationships that she develops - often the first point of communication for programme participants, she develops deep, lively and fun connections, that enable people to feel properly supported through their learning and change journeys.

Previously, Julie was Programme Manager at Ashridge Executive Education for both the Master’s and Doctorate in Organisational Change – where she worked hand-in-hand with Caryn over many years.  

She was responsible for the complete cycle of these programmes, and activities included: recruitment of participants; programme budget and planning; internal management between departments to ensure provision of high-quality services; production of materials; and the welfare of the students throughout the various programmes.  

She worked closely with faculty members to make the programmes a success for both Ashridge and participants and this included the migration of data and processes whilst keeping a seamless experience.

Julie Britten sq

Julie is our wonderful project and programme manager, providing invaluable client facing support and assistance, and helping us to keep everything running smoothly.