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"Tough love - deeply knowledgeable, provocative, supportive and "all in" alongside us - that is what Lacerta brings"

Enabling organisations to flourish by creatively addressing 21st Century challenges and opportunities

We work alongside our clients to help them release the power of purposeful organisation and leadership, with the aim of addressing global challenges with profitability, human flourishing and dignity, and ecological sustainability.  

We specialise in deep cultural change, working with compassion and courage to strengthen relationships, change the nature of conversations and limiting narratives, to interrupt problematic patterns of behaviour, and to open the way for the emergence of more adaptive and collaborative practices.

In a fast changing world of work, where the future is unclear and unpredictable, we help clients develop long term agility, curiosity and resilience and so gain a greater potential to thrive through volatility and disturbance.

News Article
11 Jul 2018

"Proud partners to BIMA - empowering women in developing countries"

News Article
25 Jun 2018

"Leadership skills: investing in the heart of the organisation"

29 May 2018

"What we say and how we say it, really matters"

News Article
30 Apr 2018

"How can we grow empowered leaders?"

The Lacerta Team

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Caryn Vanstone

"The 'agile' world operates more like jazz or other forms of performance improvisation"

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Steve Holliday

"Relationships are everything"

Bruno sq 500x500

Bruno Dalbiez

“You want to really help someone? Help them find their own greatness!”

David Buggie small

David Buggie

“Teams can be more (or less) than the sum of their parts, what makes the difference is the quality of their collaboration”

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Our Associates and Partners

“Great to be part of a global team”