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Strategy Design and Structure

On paper, strategic and structural change appears to be a highly analytical and rational task – but this is to underestimate or misunderstand what is really going on.  In reality, it is about the careful challenging of deeply held (and often unconscious) taken-for-granted assumptions, power dynamics and hard-won territories.  For real change to occur, it is imperative to bring together strong but empathetic facilitation, expert models and inputs from the outside and genuine internal participation and ownership.  This results in the potential for deep and sustained transformation, rather than “more of the same” in a new org chart.

  • We bring expertise in organisation strategy, design and operating models, based on the latest global research
  • We design and facilitate high-involvement discussions to create co-owned strategies, organisational designs with large stakeholder groups
  • We help Boards and Senior Teams to enliven the quality of conversation and decision making
  • We offer creative engagement workshops to generate meaningful company visions and missions founded on strong and clear purpose
  • We project manage complex change programmes and process redesign
  • We support internal specialists in HR, OD and Communications as they lead change.

For example, take a quick look at our work with Dimensions UK.