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Our Approach

We collaborate with clients to craft a scheme of work that is unique to them – so no two projects are the same.  But they tend to have some similar underpinning principles:

  • We bring a largely appreciative stance to our work, deploying dialogic, creative and positive approaches that leave people more resourced and with improved wellbeing and resilience, resulting in the kind of restorative, generative communities that people will want to participate in, with real purpose and energy.
  • We focus on methods which bring people closer, support meaningful connection and enable innovative experimentation and prototyping as an improvisational and entrepreneurial approach to change.
  • We believe change can’t be imposed, it can only be co-created through participation.  We therefore expect our clients to commit to genuine involvement and co-ownership of change with the broadest possible community that makes up their organisation and societal stakeholders.
  • Having a robust and authentic relationship with senior leaders as we are doing this work is essential if they are to realise their ambitions for change.  We believe that organisational change requires meaningful and real conversations that rise above the institutional games we all recognise.  And this means clients must be willing to confront difficult issues rather than avoid them – at all levels.

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