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Steve Holliday

Steve moved into his consulting career through being a leader, coach and change specialist for EON and Siemens after gaining operational leadership and management experience in GlaxoSmithKline and Smith & Nephew.

A chartered safety practitioner, with a deep competence in the area of safety culture and management, he also works extensively with customer orientation, creativity and ethics, and other cultural and leadership questions which are vital to successful, safe and flourishing workplaces. 

By undertaking his own extensive learning process, Steve has become a leading coach and supporter of others who wish to increase their voice, resilience and collaboration with others at times of peak complexity, ambiguity or physical/psychological stress.  

He works through processes such as action learning (face-to-face and virtual) and other forms of peer-to-peer challenge and support.  The leaders and change communities he supports appreciate his deep sense of care, and courageous capacity to hold up the mirror when needed.  He brings complex ideas and knowledge to the work in a very ordinary and down to earth way.

Steve is at his best working “in the field” alongside those who are right on the sharp end of complex engineering implementations in industries such as offshore wind turbine builds, air traffic control and transport and infrastructure projects.  He improves how leaders, at all levels, tackle high levels of technical complexity, further complicated by large diverse teams, distance working, customer anxiety and internal/external political pressures.  He helps them to build strong social connections and the right level of vulnerability and intimacy to create safe, disciplined support systems and new solutions to what can seem like intractable challenges.

Steve holds a Master’s degree in Organisational Change.


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