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We believe that asking good questions is more useful than simply offering advice. These questions encourage reflection, conversation and learning, over quick fixes.

We see the role of the coach as that of a catalyst, who is completely committed to improving decision making. We listen so that we can ask helpful questions that will challenge you to think differently and guide you to find an appropriate answer. 

We deliver coaching in several different ways:

  • Classic executive coaching – working off-line with individual leaders to provoke new ideas, reveal assumptions and patterns of thinking that keeps them stuck, co-create fresh options for action, and enable reflective learning.
  • “Alongside” coaching – this means turning up in the workplace alongside the leader as he/she goes about the work, working “live” with what turns up, noticing the dynamics which are arising between the leader and others, and supporting active experimentation in new leadership styles and behaviours.
  • Leadership team coaching – leaders, just like everyone else, are “caught” in a web of relationships.  Just because they are leaders, it doesn’t mean they can do whatever they like – they have to fit in, work with others, and often suffer from the paradoxical position of having to “stand out as an individual” at the same time as “give up personal glory for the good of the whole”.  Nowhere is this more apparent than within a leadership team. Often made up of highly motivated, intelligent and driven individuals, finding a way to work together is harder than it seems.  We offer authoritative yet facilitative support to teams – bringing strength and presence which is needed to hold them to their learning processes.

“Like many people I work in a unique environment with unique pressures and demands and find standard management guidance irrelevant and unhelpful.  Bruno was able to provide me with outstanding solutions and approaches that fitted perfectly with my position and myself. The short time I regularly spend with him has revolutionised my working life and enabled me to find a style of leadership and ways of working that are tailor-made for me with all my strengths and weaknesses. 

It has proved highly effective, productive, enjoyable, and has made a dramatic difference to my effectiveness as a leader. ”

Why not take a look at our coaching work with Exeter University Medical School?