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Why Lacerta

"Tough love - deeply knowledgeable, provocative, supportive and "all in" alongside us - that is what Lacerta brings..."

This is how many of our clients describe working with us. 

We start by understanding what is already happening - working with your people to notice, inquire into and understand the miriad of behavioural and social patterns that make up your current ways of working - including the politics and games that both support current success, and those that disable the very change you might be seeking.

We know that keeping "business as usual" going, while at the same time, experimenting with "business as UN-usual" is hard.  It is hard on those who would put themselves forward as change agents (as, for a while, they will fall out of step with what is considered "normal") ... and it is hard on those who hold ongoing accountability for performance, and feel exposed to scrutiny at every turn.

Our clients know that we will be there for them during all the ups and downs of nudging their way into new ways of working with new outcomes.  

Some of the clients we do, and have, worked with include: