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Depth of leadership and personal development expertise

"We chose Caryn and the Lacerta team to initially because we felt that as well as understanding our brief they had the scalability to deliver in ‘high volume’ moments and brought some useful diversity to what was, in essence, an inclusivity project. 

When we started working with Lacerta and they shared their ideas we quickly realised what a depth of leadership and personal development expertise we had lucked upon, and that the diversity of their backgrounds, experience and personalities was not just useful but a rich source of material and learning that was brought to bear with great effect at our annual female leadership summit in 2018. 

The multi-faceted approach kept engagement high and delivered a rich and rewarding development journey for our future female leaders from emerging markets.  It was such a light-touch requirement from our side in preparation that I was really rather nervous as to what would result, but clearly close attention had been paid and what was delivered was beyond our expectations and was exceptionally warmly received by our stakeholders, internal and external."

Craig Fergusson

Global Head of Human Resources

BIMA - Trade name of Milvik

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