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Proud partners to BIMA - empowering women in developing countries

We are proud to be partners with the amazing BIMA, Leapfrog Labs and FMO Entrepreneurial Development Bank, to bring to life an inspiring global programme of female empowerment in developing countries.  BIMA aim to change in the way women are able to contribute and participate in the workplace in countries as far afield as Paraguay and Fifi, by way of Africa, India and more.

Leapfrog (ranked at number 5 in the Fortune’s “Change the World” list) and FMO Bank have played a key role in BIMA’s amazing story – and the future of the RUN programme which we are partnering and supporting.

The Summit in London in the first week of July 2018 has just closed, facilitated and designed by Lacerta Consultants in partnership with BIMA's London HR Team, under the leadership of Craig Fergusson.  The 3 days were truly inspiring, hearing stories from women about when and how they find their strength and power, to deliver real benefits for their organisation and community.  The summit introduced them to a wide range of empowering and dialogic leadership skills – enabling them to extend their influence while remaining “safe”, connected change agents inside sometimes difficult cultural conditions.

Read the longer article version with photos.

Lacerta Consulting is proud to part of the BIMA RUN family – sharing the objectives:

  • to encourage and nurture female talent and create a gender-friendly environment for women to thrive,
  • to instil confidence in women and give them the tools they need to climb up the ladder,
  • to engage and educate men and women on their conscious or unconscious gender biases so that they can work better as a team,
  • and through supporting these local “ambassadors” in their projects, to deliver local mentoring, coaching, and real-time womens’ health, financial and empowerment projects in their local economies, towns and villages, and through reaching out to other businesses operating in their countries.

We will continue to support them, through Niel as a project manager and coach, over the year ahead – and can’t wait to hear more stories about how they are putting their new skills and confidence into action.

We love working on purpose-driven, social programmes – contact us if you have something you think you can get help with.

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