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Steve Chapman

Steve’s a consultant, writer, coach and speaker who is interested in spontaneity, creativity and the human condition of stability and change.  He’s fascinated as to how life (particularly in organisations) really works versus how it is supposed to work and he believes that, at their core, an organisation is simply a bunch of flawed but willing human beings engaged in complex process of relating that is as predictable as it is unpredictable.

He is particularly interested in ‘stuckness’ and specialises in finding different, creative, unusual and often counter-intuitive ways of disturbing stuck patterns that individuals, groups and organisations find themselves in. He leads highly creative workshops that ‘teach’ leaders how to work with storytelling, narrative and pattern which enables them to engage more creatively with their workforce.

He worked in industry for over 25 years on both sides of the fence as a global Senior Leadership and Organisation Development Director for a Global FTSE 100 company and as an independent working in a large range of sectors from pharmaceuticals to digital, from telecoms to transportation, from retail to local authorities, from academia to third sector. His work has taken him to various places in the UK and Europe as well as trips to the US, India, the Middle East and Asia.

His work is heavily informed by Gestalt psychology, the complexity sciences and creative practices such as performance improvisation, art therapy and masks.

He is a wonderful group facilitator, operating with credibility and authority, but never rescuing the group from the work that they, uniquely have to invest in.

  • MSc in Organisation Consulting
Steve Chapman sq

Steve has been a long-time "impro" buddy and collaborator, leading the "Working Live - Improvisation for work and life" Workshop with Caryn, and turning up in unexpected places to work with us on innovation, agility and creativity.

Find his wonderful blog, book and creative adventures at Can Scorpions Smoke.

Based in the UK.