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Richard Izard and Global Leadership Associates

Richard is a leadership development consultant who specialises in helping individuals, teams and organisations make lasting change in how they think and behave.  He has the rare ability to fuse together the latest leadership thinking with very grounded, commercially orientated practise.

A disruptor of traditional thinking around leadership and organisational change, Richard challenges the way leaders think and behave. Knowing intimately the challenges leaders face he supports and challenges in equal measure, helping leaders see new possibilities and organisations to flourish.  Believing passionately that leadership is an activity that can happen at any level of an organisation Richard looks to stimulate the leadership energy wherever it is found.

He has worked in senior positions across a wide range of organisations including the Kingfisher retail group (where for many years he was the music and film industry’s biggest customer) and Mars Confectionery. Richard spent eight years on the board of one business which became the largest company globally in its field and revenues more than trebled in that time from £300m a year to over a £1Bn.

In 2005 Richard decided to shift his focus.

Since then he has followed his passion for leadership, development, and organisational transformation by channelling his energies into coaching, leadership development, consulting and facilitation.  He brings to customers a deeply practical and creative approach to organisational change; having seen connections across and within industries, he is quick to spot where things are at standstill and where cultural patterns are stuck. 

He knows what it takes to rapidly grow a business though he has also come to question the obsession that growth is always necessary, desirable and possible.

    Richard Izzard sq

    Richard (co-founder and Managing Director of GLA) and his colleagues at Global Leadership Associates, bring a world-class strength to our work using Action Inquiry, and Bill Torbert and Elaine Herdman-Barker's Action Logics

    Through this partnership, and our own GLP accreditations, we can offer our clients the Global Leadership Profile (GLP).  We have chosen this because recent research comparisons (putting special emphasis on pragmatic, transformational validity and impact) have shown that the GLP possesses several unique advantages over competing products.