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Niel Stander

Niel is a family man, proud South African, nature lover, and recreational runner... and of course, an experienced Organisational Development and Change practitioner.  His journey through life is witness to his energy and passion to learn at the edge of discomfort.

Niel has more than 12 years’ experience changing and developing organisations (in volatile, demanding and uncertain environments) from the inside, while serving as frontline medical staff and as junior and executive management.  He has led and successfully delivered on various high-profile and ambitious projects in the medical field.  

His background makes him a versatile and experienced Organisational Learning, Development and Change specialist with extensive experience in adult education, project management and senior management.  Areas of operation include remote West Africa, Middle East, Southern Africa, and Europe. 

His approach is collaborative and succeeds in getting the best from teams.  Niel is expert at using his diverse skillset, various theoretical lenses and change interventions to help individuals and organisations achieve a desirable outcome.  He brings competence in:

  • Project management 
  • Organisational Development
  • Leadership and Learning Development
  • Workshop creation and facilitation
  • Culture Change

Through extensive experience as a French Foreign Legionnaire and Critical Care Paramedic, Niel is able to work with high complexity and ambiguity to help individuals and organisations become more effective and efficient in decision-making and strategic execution.  He brings his skill and knowledge to organisations as an independent consultant and in collaboration with others. 

Although Niel has only lived in the UK since September 2017, he has vast international experience and has been attending a Masters Degree (passed with distinction) and Doctoral degree studies at the Ashridge Business School in the UK since 2015.

After a stop-start early career, Niel joined the French Foreign Legion to see the world - which developed his leadership skills and instilled values of tenacity, awareness and connectivity which persist today.

After returning to South Africa in late 2004 and running an adventure training company, he changed track again in 2006 when he started out in the Emergency Medical Service as a Basic Ambulance Assistant and worked his way upwards to qualify as an Advance Life Support (Critical Care in some countries) Paramedic in 2010.  Moving to Qatar, he held a range of front-line and eventually senior management positions in the Medical Service, before embarking on the Ashridge MSc in Org Change in 2015.

Niel now works as a development and change consultant in the UK, while continuing his studies at Doctorate level.  He works as an Associate of Lacerta Consulting to offer expert, complex project management delivery and design and delivery of development summits and events.  

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Niel is currently working with Lacerta on a number of projects including the ground-breaking BIMA RUN empowering women programme.

He collaborates with Lacerta through his own Development Consultancy, Sensibus Consulting.

Based in the UK.