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Jim Cookson

Jim is a passionate, entrepreneurial leader and learner. 

His interests marry synergistic strands of senior leadership and consulting experience in global, complex organisations with private equity investments, non-executive director roles and executive education.  He creates impact and value for his clients by combining his consulting and coaching expertise with a solid track record of enabling reflection, reinvention and transformation.

The focus and "red thread" in his career has always been on enabling people and teams to learn, align and pursue their dreams and goals.

Through his Doctoral Research, Jim focuses on enabling organisations and leaders to curiously explore and reflect upon their “Leadership Legacy”.  It is Jim’s stance that each of us have an opportunity and responsibility to create a vibrant “living legacy”. 

Exploring “Leadership Legacies” enables leaders to be more reflective, impactful and successful in the moment, while creating a clear, sustainable, meaningful and resilient long-term purpose.

Jim is a curious and enthusiastic listener.  His warm and friendly style is agile, adept and focuses on creating meaningful bonds and teams through open dialogue.  He is a thoughtful facilitator, helping groups to work through difficult material, reflect and create alignment through support and challenge. 

A Canadian and Swiss citizen, Jim thrives in international environments.  He loves the outdoors, skiing, running and investing time with his partner as well as friends and family. 

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Jim has worked over many years in top global organisations, and now works part time for Ashridge Business School, while also doing Associate work for Lacerta and his own coaching and development practice.

Based in the UK.