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Anthony Kasozi and Quilibra

Anthony Kasozi is a Ugandan born,  British Citizen who lives and works with the understanding that through inclusive open association, conversation and collaborative activity we can live attentively with care: beyond generations and across the earth's species. 

He has developed this understanding over more than 30 years of working in different sectors (for public benefit, for profit and for development and humanitarian action) in different roles (managing, leading, consulting and coaching/mentoring) and being informed by different disciplines (sales and marketing, finance, economics, international relations, psychology, organisational development, philosophy and poetry).

Today, Anthony expresses his commitments primarily through his research and writing work with colleagues and his advisory, coaching, group facilitation and Organisational Development consulting work with clients.

His organisational current/recent clients include international humanitarian and development organisations, academic institutions, private companies in national and global finance, individual leaders and managers in public and private sectors. 

Anthony also remains actively involved in international and local developmental projects — as a coach, facilitator, co-worker, and enabler.

A published writer and author, he has contributed to a book on coaching (Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation by Liz Hall et al) and co-authored a book on leadership (“The Leadership Shadow” – with Erik De Haan).

In addition to writing occasional blogs, he creates reflective poetry (used in personal developmental and mentoring conversations), contributes to Masters and Doctoral programmes as an external tutor and speaks at conferences and seminars on leadership, coaching and development. 

  • BSoc.Sc. MSc. PhD
Anthony Kasozi sq

Anthony is Consulting Director and CEO of Quilibra (one of Lacerta’s partner organisations).

Based in the UK.