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Taking Ownership and Responsibility for Each Other

As part of a larger piece of work carried out in Global Sales in Siemens Gamesa, focused on growing stronger Empowerment and Well Being, a key part was to enable the groups to become more open, and to trust each other more – to really care for each other. Morten Thy Asmussen, Head of Global Sales Excellence, shares a particularly key development they made while working with Steve.

“Team check-ins: One of the things everyone in my department has really embraced is the Team check-in.

A safe place where we once per month, at the departmental meeting, take time to understand how every team member is doing. Not in the sense “how was your weekend or how are you doing?”, but getting under the skin of your colleagues.  As mentioned it’s a safe place where the agenda is completely open.

Some of the things shared among the team members are truly fantastic and indeed often very personal.

So why is this so important? The team is now in sync, everyone appreciates that we all have ups and downs, you as an individual are aware if one of your colleagues are having a rough time…… and the list goes on. It seems very simple and it is once you have cracked the; “it’s safe to open up/speak up”.

Steve helped us on this journey facilitating the first few check-ins. A year on, as a team we have featured in our internal newsletters, been placed on TV-screens throughout our facilities, and I have personally received an award due to this work on well-being. For me it’s not about winning the award, but the fact that well-being with my team is now addressed and acted on.

I owe this success to Steve and his persistence on ensuring that I / we implemented the check-ins – thanks!”

Morten Thy Asmussen, Head of Global Sales Excellence, Siemens Gamesa

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