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Bernard Mohr, Founder, Innovation Partners International

In my 4 decades of organizational work I have found Caryn to be among a small cadre of individuals unique in their ability to both conceptualize transformative strategies for complex systems while also having extraordinary abilities to connect and support senior executives through the times of stress and ambiguity which frequently accompany such change. Lacerta Consulting is fortunate to have her as both their business director and one of their most capable consultants. 

We collaborated on a contract for a global pharmaceutical company, and I was able to see again just how critical it is to have someone like her on the team when the client system needs a calm voice in stormy seas - a voice which serves not only to support but also bring forward the best within the client's possibilities.

I relish the prospect of collaborating with Caryn anytime and anywhere in the world.

Bernard Mohr, Founder, Innovation Partners International and co-originator of People Powered Innovation Labs

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