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Siemens Gamesa

On working with Steve:

"Steve, you do a great job at getting tough shop floor leaders to realise their own value, to believe in themselves, and help them be comfortable to be themselves at work.

This makes good leadership common and topical, and brings a real connection to our teams. Leadership is cool and we can all be one – must be one”.

James Maxwell, Senior Site Construction Manager, Siemens Gamesa

“Steve, you’re the one that asks us all the difficult and challenging questions, right when we need them. This helps us reflect, think and really change our leadership impact. You have this knack with everyone, of both being easy to be around and connect with, very supportive, and yet are robust, and tough with us when you need to be. You’ve made a real difference to me, our teams, and our business results.”

Clark MacFarlane, Managing Director, Siemens Gamesa

“Steve, you did a super job today with our 50 sales people. You are my hero.  Most of the team loved you immediately.  Felt so good, such good feedback J …to be continued.”

Richard Luijendijk, Global Head of Sales, Siemens Gamesa


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