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Bruno enabled a turning point in my career

"I lead a team of diabetes researchers in academia.  By any standards, we have been pretty successful over the years, but by no means working optimally.

Recognising this, I began working with Bruno a couple of years ago, with the initial objective of developing my own team leadership skills, which was hugely impactful in the most positive of ways!

However, it quickly became apparent to me that other members of my team would also benefit from Bruno’s wisdom and guidance, so I asked Bruno to run a couple of team building workshops over the course of the following year. 

Put simply, these proved to be turning points in my career.  They shed light on many strengths my team possessed and highlighted opportunities for growth that I’d previously overlooked.  One of the highlights of my job is seeing my team grow beyond their expectations - having Bruno work with us helped increase the gradient of a growth trajectory that was already pretty steep!"

Paul Franks - Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology - Principal investigator

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