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Joint retreat of the GAME and MolMet units at Lund University Diabetes Centre on Bornholm

In early February 2019, Bruno Dalbiez designed and led a leadership retreat for Lund University medical research units.  His client, Hindrik Mulder reports - 

"A frequently overlooked aspect of academic activities is leadership and teams.  I have had the privilege to participate in training and development of skills to manage this in other arenas but rarely in the academic.  I think this holds true for the majority of my co-workers.  It has been said that leading academics is akin to “conducting an orchestra consisting of virtuosos and soloists”.

Our coach/facilitator during these two days, Bruno Dalbiez, approached his task with humility, insightfulness and authority.

He devised a program for the two units, with some input from the group leaders, which was refreshing, fun, rewarding and, at times, challenging. Many of the participants were perhaps a bit doubtful about the usefulness of spending two days doing these things but were converted at the end of the retreat.  We left the retreat with light hearts and inspired to take on new challenges and deal with old problems.  It was particularly impressive that Bruno managed to help members of the two groups, who normally do very different things, to approach each other and feel that many goals were shared."

Professor Hindrik Mulder - Diabetes - Molecular Metabolism - Principal investigator

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