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Growing Empowered Leaders at Siemens Gamesa

Steve Holliday has been working with Tom Boden (Collaboration Specialist & Coach, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Service) delivering a layered coaching and consulting programme to 50 operational supervisors and managers, leading teams working in some of the most challenging windpower sites.

Tom says "My role is closely linked to the work we have done with Steve Holliday at Lacerta Consulting, and the things I have learnt working with him.  He knows about the wind industry, he is approachable and flexible, so it is easy to build a rapport with him. With Steve’s help, we’ve done a lot of leadership work, through the ‘Growing Empowered Leaders’ programme and other initiatives, to help our people be the best they can be." 

Grant Walker, CEO at Siemens Gamesa, Service Northern Europe and the Middle East, says of the work "Working with Steve feels very natural, because he builds strong relationships with every person in the business. Once he’s got to know them, he understands how they work as individuals and puts them into effective groups to explore together, guiding people through the process.  Steve’s unique quality is that he allows people to learn and understand for themselves, rather than just telling people what to do, and that is what makes him powerful as a coach."

Over the last 2 years, this group of 50 operational team leaders, from across 4 layers of the hierarchy, have been exploring all aspects of working both WITH their own sense of empowerment, and empowering others in their teams - with the aim of increasing accountability, innovation, customer centricity and safety.  

This video, made with the group in the closing stages of this work, gives them the opportunity to say, in their own words, how this has impacted on their performance, confidence and ability to deliver their jobs.

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