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Viral culture change at Siemens Power & Gas

Siemens PG bring power to people around the world by offering utilities, independent power producers, engineering, procurement and construction companies, and oil and gas customers a broad spectrum of products and solutions for the environmentally-compatible and resource-saving generation of power from fossil gas and renewable sources of energy.  For now, fossil gas remains an essential element within a broad spectrum of power sources - essential in the mix to raise the living standards and sustainability around the world.

And there are numerous challenges as this market inevitably, and rightly, declines and is replaced by fully "green" energy solutions - many of which will continue to rely on the underpinning technology and brilliance of turbine engineers working for Siemens.

So now is a time of enormous upheaval - with huge potential for innovation and ground-breaking technologies.

Since 2016 Caryn Vanstone has been supporting the core team at Siemens (made up of change experts from within PG and from the Siemens Leadership Excellence Team in global HR) developing change agents, and supporting innovation prototypes around the world.

In 2017 this project won the Siemens HR award (innovation category) handed over by Joe Kaeser.

"This transformation project was an innovative and mind blowing experience for me, because it was different, couragous and complex."  Markus Schwarzenböck, Executive Vice President HR.

“It was inspiring to work with Caryn on this transformation as she brought an extraordinary breadth and depth of methods and experience combined with personal presence.”  Dr Nandani Lynton, Global Head of Siemens Leadership Excellence during time of this work. 

Over several years, this work has included:

  • Large group "Transformation Forum" meetings - of 100+ new change agents to develop change skills and co-create prototypes
  • Learning Expeditions to provocatively different organisations and settings
  • Coaching and support to leaders
  • Development of internal change specialists - so that they can support the agents in the field
  • Skills workshops - including improvisation for agility, ecological thinking, virtual leadership and rapid prototyping
  • Ongoing support to individual change agents, and supervision of change initiatives

The work has introduced hundreds of people to change ideas drawing on the most up to date management and leadership ideas - such as complexity thinking and neuro-science .. something Lacerta has been bringing to a wide range of Siemens Divisions since 2012.

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