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Developing "virtual" leadership at Siemens

Like most large organisations, Siemens Power & Gas and Digital Factory Divisions are building their futures based on global team platforms, cross-continent collaborations and supply and communication chains that challenge even the most international of leaders.

As global leaders in their own fields, both divisions are constantly searching for innovation and improvement - and Lacerta Consulting has been partnering with them for many years in projects spanning safety culture, customer-first, empowerment and ownership, rapid innovation and now, virtual leadership development.

Lacerta has developed and prototyped a brand new programme of leadership development - entirely delivered virtually, with the intention of:

  • Equipping senior leaders with skills necessary to effectively lead geographically dispersed, multi-cultural teams, with maximum presence, and positive impact
  • Growing their self-awareness and confidence in leading through virtual and distance media
  • Developing them as role-models, and preparing them to transfer those skills to others throughout their Siemens Divisions.

The programme consists of 4 workshops, each 3-4 hours in length (with breaks), delivered on the client's own virtual platform.  Each workshop brings a blend of new content, exercises and experiential learning elements, conversations and planning for application and experimentation.  Between workshops, individuals stretch their skills in direct application, supported by smaller, more intimate Virtual Action Learning Groups of peers, with a Lacerta expert facilitator, which brings deep reflection, challenge and support.

As they exit the programme, they choose to continue to support each other through the peer based groups, and are also given access to Lacerta's instructional videos.  These are used as reminders for their own practice, and can be used by them to introduce others to the skills, techniques and leadership capabilities they have been learning.

This highly sustainable, adult and empowering model fits well with the organisation who want to get the right balance between expert led development and self-sustaining, value for money.

"Given their deep knowledge of Siemens, and their provocative yet supportive, no-nonsense approach, Lacerta Consulting were exactly the right partners for us to tackle this important topic.

Globally deployed teams and virtual collaboration are already business as usual for Siemens.  Raising the skills and competence of our leaders to truly embrace their role in the development of their virtual, global teams is crucial for continued high performance and engagement of our employees."

Dagmar Woetzel, Siemens AG, Power and Gas Division, People Transformation Lead and Annemarie Kreyenberg, Siemens AG, Digital Factory Division, Lean & Process Excellence



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