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High impact peer-to-peer learning to develop senior leaders at BT

"I worked with Caryn some years ago to develop a cadre of leaders to drive transformation in an operational environment.

She helped us develop a year-long approach to work with our 15 senior leaders leading teams of 500+ plus. She created an environment of challenge and support where the group took accountability for their own development and impact. She held this throughout with group, especially through high-stakes and challenging conversations.

Working alongside Caryn, I learnt huge amounts and she challenged me to develop my own practice. Caryn drew from a deep well of theory and knowledge and used this pragmatically with the group, helping them apply to their business context and experiences.

It’s had a lasting impact for many involved.  5+ years on, they talk to me about the programme and what they’ve taken from it."

Jenny Allen, Leadership and Talent, BT TSO 

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